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Ryan Schenk


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Great photo by Stacey Hedman

Hi there. My name is Ryan, and I am a well-rounded software developer, with a specialty in working with data. I have worked at Onset Computer Corporation, the world leader in data loggers, and for the scientific data repository at the MBL/WHOI Library. I enjoy figuring out how to store and process large amounts of data, but what I really love is making interfaces to explore this data in an elegant way. Once I  even turned scientific data into a gigantic interactive sculpture installation made of silk. (Really!)

I like to make everything, both digital and physical. Writing software is nice, because you get to build things without having to clean up afterwards, and I also enjoy working with my hands. I like to making things out of wood, metal, and cloth; I’ve built boats, sails, surfboards, and sculptures. It’s really not so different than writing software, requiring planning around conflicting requirements, and competently using tools and skills you’ve acquired through practice and education.

I am available for freelance design, development, or data visualization projects. If you need help in any of these areas, please contact me.